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I always trust Sirius to deliver exceptional results, be it live webcasts or taped productions. They’ve handled complex projects with last minute changes professionally and with positive attitude and results.

Michael Fasman, Project Manager HP Media Solutions – Hewlett-Packard Company

Just a quick note to say how much we @ UAL enjoy working with you guys. I don’t have the opportunity to be on location as much as in the past, but yesterday was a reminder of how much I respect and appreciate your skills, knowledge and professionalism. Furthermore, you always bring more to the job than just your technical abilities, which are many. Paying attention to details and going the extra mile is part of your routines and is not the norm as I’ve discovered with crews around the country. In addition, you guys are just good to be around. I can’t recall laughing and having as a good time on location as the past few days. Thanks for doing that. I look forward to working with you both for many years to come. Thanks again for all you do for UAL.

Steve Heldmann - Director, Media Production United Airlines

Just a quick note about the crew yesterday on the JB DUKE Award shoot in Houston, Texas. They were awesome, very professional, made the green screen shoots look amazing, set the clients at ease, they were very easy to work with, super organized. I really can’t say enough. The clients / subjects enjoyed their experience and I’m very happy with the footage. I highly recommend Sirius on the Duke Energy crew request list.

Chip White, Producer/Owner - White Ideas

Just wanted to take a minute and tell you what an exceptional pleasure it was to do business with your company based on my work with the crew from Sirius. They were not only fun guys – they were professional and talented. Please keep my contact information as an enthusiastic reference and I wanted to share the link to just one of the videos that we will produce based on the great content we were able to get in Houston!

Beth White, Producer - Federal Aviation Administration

Thank you once again for pulling off the impossible with both events, it was a true pleasure working with your team. You guys are a true example of professionalism. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication with both of these short notice events.

Daniel Rendon – Office Services Manager, ISS Facility Services, Inc., HP Houston Campus

I want to thank you all for your incredible professionalism and pleasant company during the shoot. I looked at the footage and you all did a wonderful job. I think this will be a very successful media series for our communication plan. So, I owe you some thanks towards that endeavor. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to meeting up with you all the next time I come down to wonderful Houston, Texas. Thanks again.

Michael Kausch, Gordon Food Service Media Services

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to work with Sirius. We had a very intense day with many locations for shooting and they were incredibly helpful. I would recommend them very highly to anyone that needed help with video in Houston or elsewhere.

Julie Zuckerbrod, Producer- The Clinton Foundation