Sirius Video - Teleprompter Rentals

Our 9”, 12”, and 15” flat screen color teleprompters are the solution for live or lengthy script reads. They can be freestanding or mounted on the camera lens. The prompters are lightweight so they’re very portable and light enough to be used on a jib arm or slider. The hi-brightness screen allows outdoor use. Mounting is fast and simple for most video cameras, and a rod-mounting system for film cameras is also available. The Telescript prompting software is industry leading and the multi-button hand controller allows precise control as well as quick script navigation.

  • Houston Teleprompter Rentals
  • Houston Teleprompter Rentals
  • Houston Teleprompter Rentals
  • 9”, 12”, and 15” Teleprompting System Includes includes:
  • Prompter Head
  • Lens Mounting Hardware
  • Freestanding Mount
  • Laptop Computer
  • Scan Converter
  • Rotary Hand Controller
  • Telescript AV Prompting Software
  • Microsoft Word
  • Power Point Software
  • Headphone Amplifier w/ Headphones
  • Cables and Accessories