Sirius Video - Sony PMW F3 XDCAM

CineAlta 24p digital cinema camera PMW-F3 Super 35mm XDCAM EX Full-HD Compact Camcorder with S-Log Gamma and Prime Lenses continues the democratization of high-end image capture. The camera's Super 35mm-size CMOS sensor offers a variety of advantages over smaller sensors, including increased control over depth of field, higher sensitivity in low light, lower image noise, and an exceptional dynamic range. Unlike smaller, broadcast-style sensors or the larger "full-frame" sensor found in some DSLRs, the PMW-F3's chip is on a par with Hollywood film cameras, in terms of field of view and depth of field. That means complete compatibility with cine-style film lenses and consistency of vision for cinematographers used to shooting on 35mm film..

  • Sony PMW F3 XDCAM
  • Camera Body & Accessories:
  • Sony PMW-F3 XDCAM EX Camera
  • HD 2" Hi-Resolution16x9 Viewfinder
  • 2 BP-U60 Lithium Batteries
  • PL Mount Adapter
  • Camera Accessories and Cables
  • Sony PMW-F3 manual