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Sirius Video - Behind the Scenes

Al Klimas

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Al Klimas, President and CEO of Sirius Video, is at the heart of what we do. His 30+ years of experience and cool head make him one of the best in the industry, not to mention one of the easiest to work with. He uses his extensive knowledge and skill to promote confidence in clients and crew alike. He does everything necessary to get just the right shots, tapping into his creativity and ability to tell a beautiful visual story every time. Al's charm and sense of humor keep the office interesting. He sparks in-depth discussions on controversial subjects, always with a comical twist. When he's at home, he keeps up with his young son (and future sports star). Email Al at

Tammy Rogers
Production Manager

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Tammy Rogers is our senior production manager. Al calls her "the brains of the operation". Her organization, planning, and logistical skills make her an integral part of Sirius Video. Her business sense and extensive experience in management are matched only by her ability to connect with people. Tammy has an amazing knack for being the perfect liaison between clients and crew. She listens to the client's desires and books a production crew that is an ideal fit in experience as well as personality. She knows our group of freelancers and makes them feel like family. Outside the office, Tammy is kept busy with a family of her own. She has three teenage daughters and a husband who performs in several bands for which Tammy is the official videographer (and biggest fan, of course).