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Sirius Video - Director of Photography - Joe Vasquez

Joe Vasquez Interview - Computer

hear it from a happy customer...

Lynn, please express my sincere appreciation to the Houston Crews Control team – Sirius Video. They were terrific. Tammy, Joe, and Chris were very professional, very prompt, and above all else, they helped the client energize the final video we captured. I was surprised.

Even though Joe wasn’t the producer….he’s the DP – he was great at encouraging the CEO of Forethought to be energetic, and it really was appreciated. I was worried that a crew would show up and not demonstrate the professionalism of our firm…and of course, a level of professionalism expected by a Fortune 500 client. It became quickly clear my fears were misplaced. Again, whatever expression of appreciation you think appropriate to share – please do.

Jim Barone, Vice President
Marketing, Sales and Media Relations
Curtis Visual Communications